Keep your takeaway beer at its best – we’re sharing our top tips!

“Drink, rinse, fill, repeat…”

We offer a variety of different sized containers and you can reuse all of them again and again… if you look after them. A clean container means great beer that keeps for longer.

Here are some top tips to help keep your favourite Langham takeaway containers clean.

  • Rinse your container and lid with warm water, preferably as soon you have after finished the beer.
  • Hand wash the container with a little washing up liquid and rinse thoroughly, then leave it to dry with the lid off.
  • Every so often a small amount of Milton can work wonders to eliminate any smells and sterilise your container.
  • For Growlers- make sure you lift the rubber stopper and give it a good clean. Leave it to air dry with the lid off… Bonus tip: put your growler in an airing cupboard (if you have one) to make sure it is dry inside before sealing again.
  • For Minikegs – make sure when washing, that you flush warm water through the tap.

Do not put any of our containers in the dishwasher please.

Beer Temperature Nice To Knows

  • Cask Conditioned Beer should ideally be kept between 10c – 12c, so your porch or garage are a perfect storage areas.
  • Kegged Beers/Cans – make room and get them in the fridge!
  • Bottles – Session IPA; Hip Hop and Sundowner may be enjoyed equally from the fridge or between 10c – 12c. Our Southdowns Best; LSD and Aegir we recomend at 10c – 12c.

This link may also help further: Minikeg Health, then click on Minikegs in the dropdown menu, below the social links.

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Remember: keep your takeaway beer at its best.