We continue to be blown away by the love, support and enthusiasm shown to us by our customers. Our drive-through and local delivery services continue to go from strength to strength… and that’s thanks to you lovely lot.

Yours is the best validation for all the hard work and craftsmanship we put into each of our brews. We love that we are getting to know you personally, and that you are getting to know us; that you are able to ‘meet the brewer’ and understand the passion and craft that goes into each pint of beer.

So we had an idea: “let’s gather together a group of Langham followers who share a common interest”.

We have called the group ‘The Gulp’, as this ties in nicely with our logo, the swallow. A group of swallows is called a gulp, which is rather fitting for a brewery, don’t you think?

Simply fill in the form on The Gulp page to join ‘the club’ and receive discounts on beer, and other brewery perks.

Many thanks, it’s good to have you ‘with us’.