Polo Picnic & A Pint Brewery Walk

Polo Picnic & A Pint Brewery Walk

Polo Picnic & A Pint Brewey Walk with our friends at Rural Strides.

Information taken from the Rural Strides website:

A linear walk across the Cowdray estate combining all the ingredients that make a perfect summer’s day in the Western Weald (….a 4th ‘P’ for precipitation is clearly banned from the list!).

Before we set off towards Midhurst you might want to take the opportunity to purchase a can of delicious Langham beer for your picnic – it’s not too heavy, easy to carry and goes down well whilst watching polo. We recommend either our German Pils Lager Lodsteiner (4.2) or Session IPA (3.8) as the perfect beers to accompany our walk.

The walk weaves its way from Lodsworth to Midhurst south of the river Rother via Cowdray’s polo grounds at Ambersham and Easebourne. Depending on the programme of play (there are a number of scheduled games/tournaments that weekend), there will hopefully be an opportunity to watch a chukka or two at Ambersham along the way. Once we arrive in Midhurst we can enjoy a leisurely picnic lunch beside either the Lawns or River pitches, before walking the short distance to Midhurst bus station and catching the bus back to the brewery. From where it drops us it is then a short 10/15 minute walk back to Langhams… where you can end the day with a pint of whatever draught beer you fancy.

Please note the bus fare will be £2 per person (unless you have a bus pass), and no dogs allowed on this walk.

When it comes to wine it is a recognised fact that knowledge of the local ‘terroir’ enhances your tasting experience, so perhaps the same is true of getting to know the surrounding countryside before you taste a locally brewed beer?!

Given that the taste of our local water benefits from having been filtered through either the chalk or Greensand, that surround Lodsworth, this is not as wild a suggestion as it might seem. Add to this that we’ll be walking through sweet chestnut woods, which in parts of Italy are used to produce traditional nutty, earthy ales (birra alla castagne) and you can perhaps start to see how knowledge of the local area might help prepare your palette!

Join us to find out if a local stroll enhances your beer tasting experience.

Tickets are now on sale.

We love taking part in local and regional events, as well as hosting events here at the brewery, including Polo, Picnic and Pint walk!
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25 May 2024


10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Langham Brewery
Langham Brewery
The Granary Langham Lane, Petworth GU28 9BU

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