Sharing some of the recent love for our beers 🍻

“Very impressed with your excellent set up and superb beers. You’re lock down solace, thank you!”

“I’ve had a few deliveries when making a bulk order for local friends and have used the Langham Drive Through too. Both are really easy and simple to use; I’m happy with both services. Click and collect may be worthwhile, but I don’t mind waiting in a queue for 10 minutes if its busy, especially as I’m stuck at home anyway!”

“Great beer and great service”

“We moved back from Australia in August 2020. Thanks to friends we stayed with in Fernhurst, we discovered your marvellous Hip Hop, though we only visited you for the first time last Saturday. We had our own small business during lockdown in Australia and were very grateful for the support of our loyal customers; we appreciate the importance of supporting local. We look forward to supporting your brewery for years to come. I prefer Hip Hop to Sundowner (though both are great), LSD is really good too and I look forward to trying more of your beers over coming months.”

“Excellent beer, excellent service”

“Excellent job guys! Keep up the sterling work”

“A delightful cheery service followed by excellent beer. Well done!”

Thank you so much for your love and continued support. We couldn’t do this without you… ❣