Why a new canning range?

Our principal retail products here at Langham’s are cask and keg beer in a variety of container sizes. By far the most popular retail product is our bottled beer. Over the years we have responded to this demand and now offer 6 bottled beers.

All our bottling is outsourced. Since 2009, our beer has been bottled by Branded Drinks in Coleford in Gloucestershire, the only bottler found who will bottle small batches (3000 ltrs/ 2 brews) at a good price and which meets our SALSA quality standards.

Due to the relatively ‘less profitable’ size of our batches to Branded Drinks, we sometimes have to fight for bottling slots and occasionally have had costly ‘stockouts’. As we are a relatively small the brewery, storage of the bottled pallets can be an issue. We also incur hefty transport (and environmental) costs to and fro for the beer to bottler in 1000ltr IBCs, then pallets plus empty IBCs on the return trip. 

Canning V’s Bottling

~ Canning equipment is cheaper. A bottling plant with output efficiency comparable to canning, costs twice as much money.

~ Space. A bottling plant would take up more space, which we do not have available.

~ Product improvement. Canned beer is now an acceptable alternative to bottles. Previously there was resistance in the market due to perceived ‘tinniness’. Customer surveys during lockdown support the move to canning.

~ Marketability. Cans are perceived as more contemporary; marketable and desirable to the craft beer consumer.

~ Cans keep beer fresher. When beer is exposed to light and UV rays, it ‘skunks’ the beer producing off flavours (its really known as ‘skunking’! Opaque cans keep light out, so beer tastes better, for longer. Plus, tests show that a can’s seal is more reliable than the one on a bottle.

~ They’re easier to put in the fridge. It’s easier to fill a fridge full of beer when it’s in cans rather than in bottle, with no breakages if there’s a roll and drop.

~ Cans are easier to open. No bottle opener necessary… and no separate crown top disposal necessary.

~ The environmental impact. Importantly,​ cans are lighter so are less costly to transport, easily recyclable (can crush and fit more in recycling bin) and over can life are more environmentally friendly than bottles.

~ We are able to control quality standards in line with our SALSA accreditation

We’re hoping you love our new canning range as much as we do. Our lovingly created cans will enable greater flexibility in production, be more environmentally friendly and will help keep us in line with our ethos and initiatives to operate more sustainably.

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