We are working to reduce our environmental footprint and are lucky to have a wonderful source of water nearby. We also work with some fabulous companies who share our ethos.

Water – Beer is 90% water. We are so lucky that our water source is an aquifer through green
sand at the entrance to the brewery. Our water is consistent and pure needing little
burtonisation. Our steam-heated brewing process recirculates and recycles the water to
other brewing uses to maximise efficiency and minimise waste.

Malt – Our spent malt and hops are collected by a friendly local farmer to feed his cattle.
Please do contact us to purchase some of Rob’s well Rotted Manure.

Hops and Yeast – We have worked with Charles Faram, England’s oldest hop supplier, for 15
years. We are pleased that they have a strong transparent environmental policy which they
are always looking to improve and develop.