We’re thrilled to have partnered with Redh to enable the purchase of our bottled beers online.

Redh, based in Haslemere, is a local bar – for discovering, tasting and selling quality drinks and morsels – plus an online shop to help reach people further afield.

The bar, based in the old Post Office, has a welcoming atmosphere and is situated in the heart of the town. Redh is all about reconnecting people to English products – grown, harvested and produced locally. Their aim is to support the fact that people are becoming more aware of what they are buying, where it is from and the people behind their purchases.

Redh is the brainchild of two Sussex born guys; Richard Edwards and Douglas Howard – two great friends from school who have been known to enjoy an occasional drink or two!

Following an impromptu visit to a small, local brewery, they questioned why they had not heard of the quality beer even though it was right on their doorstep. The big lightbulb moment followed shortly after:
“Why don’t we create a business that can  connect local people with local produce?”

View our bottled beers and purchase online via Redh.