Millions of Britons are happiest when they’re in the pub, according to a new study.

The top reason for visiting the pub was to catch up with friends, followed by the atmosphere, an opportunity to have a few drinks, laughing with friends, to eat, to drink real ale, because it’s close to home, to have a romantic night with a partner, to play pool, and to play fruit or quiz machines.

A third of respondents also laugh most at the pub, twice as many as those at work and more than at friends’ houses.

Brits visit the pub twice a month on average, with one in five on first-name terms with bar staff and landlord.

The study found 40% of respondents make a special trip to visit a pub that serves their favourite beer, with lager the most popular, closely followed by cask ale.

Fish and chips was voted favourite pub meal.

A spokesperson said: “The fact more people say they’re happier in the pub than in a park, driving or shopping proves how much we love popping out for a pint. There’s never been more choice on the bar but what remains most important is quality…”

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