A very warm welcome to our sister company – Sativa Brewing Company, and to Rob Wattie from Fairview Wines – and to their new duo of vegan friendly natural hemp beers.

Following a year of creative test brews the new beers are born; the team here at Langham wanted to take their time, using their expertise to produce these unique, flavoursome recipes and get them ‘just right’.

Do order your brews via our Home Delivery Service, or pop by the brewery to make use of our Drive-Through Service.

Both Harlequin and Black Diesel use our organically grown hemp for a unique, modern drinking experience.

Harlequin – 4.2% – Hempy Hoppy IPA

This is a balanced, unfiltered golden beer.
Maris Otter malted barely is complimented by a carefully generous combination of aromatic hops, with a lingering organic hemp flavour using our specially developed technique.
Naturally hazy, hemp crazy and vegan friendly.

Black Diesel – 4.2% – Hempy & Dark

This is a dark, smooth, complex malty ale.
It is gently hopped for a slightly sweeter taste, with a lingering organic hemp flavour.
Naturally hazy, hemp crazy and vegan friendly.

What was once your Happy Hour has now become your Happier Hour!

The beers are also available to purchase via: Fairview Wines