It’s a very warm welcome to Lee – one of our newest team members at the Langham Brewery Taproom.
When Lee is behind the bar he promises a smile, a barmans ear, good conversation, gratitude and a clean and tidy taproom.

Find out more about Lee via our friendly Q&A, then pop by our Brewery Shop and Taproom to say hello.

Q: What was your route into working at the brewery?
When I met my partner Jo, she introduced me to the brewery (during lockdown) and we’ve been regulars ever since.

Q: What does a typical day at the brewery look like for you?
Currently I only work the Thursday evening shift behind the Taproom bar, serving customers everything that is on offer – beautiful brews, alongside delicious pizzas and more.

Q: Are you a local lad? Were you brought up in the area? 
I’m far from local, I’ve only lived in area for the past 2 years. I’m originally from the south west, and spent many years all over the world, serving with the military.

Q: Who do you look up to and why? This could be a brewer, a musician, an entrepreneur…
I’m not really sure… I suppose that for most of my life I’ve always looked up to my dad.

Q: Please tell us one thing not many people know about you. 
The honey that is on sale in the taproom is from my bee hives. Jo and I have been keeping bees for almost 3 years now.

Q: Have you ever tried home brewing? 
Never, I prefer my brews made by Sal and Fran!

Q: What was the first record you bought?
This is going to be embarrassing. The first single was Jim Diamond, but don’t recall the name of the song. My first album was Wham, Fantastic!

Q: What’s your favourite snack to enjoy with a pint? 
Pork Scratchings.

Q: What’s been the most memorable time of your career to date?
I’m an Army Veteran and I served for 24 years. This may seem morbid to some, but the most memorable moment, and my proudest moment, was a repatriation of a officer who was unfortunately killed in a helicopter incident in Iraq. It was a really difficult task to conduct, but you do the very best you can for the family.

Q: Which is your favourite Langham beer and why?
Espresso Stout is hands down my favourite beer, and we need it on tap again!

Q: What, or who, is the greatest love of your life?
As Jo is looking over my shoulder at this very moment, she is the greatest love on my life, and I’m very aware of how lucky I am. But as this is also going out on the internet, I have also to mention that my son Oliver is on par with Jo… with my crazy spaniel a close runner up.

Q: What can we expect at the Brewery Taproom when you’re serving the brews? 
A smile, a barmans ear, conversation, gratitude and a clean and tidy taproom.

Describe your life’s journey so far, in 5 words.
Emotional, difficult, joyful. Partially inebriated.

Fin Lee in our Taproom on Thursday.
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