Bex has worked at Langham Brewery for just over a year. Her official title is Retail Business
Manager, but in reality she’s a capable do-er of many brewery things and an excellent
juggler of many brewery tasks.

Her numerous tasks involve calling our local hostelries for beer orders, helping to create
new brew recipes, brewery customer liaison and overseeing the brewery’s Gulp Club. You will find her in the taproom; she’s always up for a chat.

The comments we receive from customers about Bex’ personable nature and knowledge of
beers is wonderful and heart-warming. Thank you!

Q: What was your route to working with Langham Brewery?
I moved to Lurgashall in 2016 and shortly afterwards discovered the brewery. One brewery tour and several pints later I swapped my high heels for wellies. It wasn’t as simple as that but I think they just got fed up of me turning up asking for a job and conceded in 2020!

Q: What does a typical day at the brewery look like for you?
I usually time my entrance as to when the kettle has just been put on; the boys always make me a cuppa. We have a catch up every morning so we are all on the same page. As a small team with everyone getting stuck in across the business its important to know who what and where we are with projects. It’s really important for me to know the production schedule and how that then impacts the jobs I am responsible for. I am based in the taproom on my laptop and work across different aspect of the business which include managing the online shop, customer enquiries, managing trade accounts and assisting our sales rep. We work very closely as a team and if the boys need help I get stuck in with production and vice versa.

Q: Who do you look up to and why? This could be a brewer, a musician, an entrepreneur, your partner…
Most people I am vertically challenged! My late grandfather Cornelius McSweeney. He was a complete gentlemen who had a varied and interesting life. But he was a complete grafter and put all his energy into looking after his family. He didn’t share my love for beer but he said ‘whatever you do just make sure you enjoy it’. I miss him every day and feel sad he didn’t get see the brewery.

Q: Please tell us one thing not many people know about you.
I am terrified of fireworks.

Q: Have you ever tried home brewing?
Sadly not, I haven’t got the space for anymore hobbies at home. We are currently building an outdoor kitchen.

Q: What is the one thing you love most in your life (other than working with beer!)?
Cooking over fire with my partner.

Q: Which is your favourite Langham beer and why?
Espresso Stout, it was the first beer I helped brew with Sal. Plus I think it is an excellent example of a coffee stout. Its indulgent and balanced and you just cant stop drinking it. I don’t even like coffee!

Q: What does a typical day AWAY FROM WORK look like for you?
Foraging for mushrooms with my partner, growing veg, cooking and pickling.

Q: What fashion trend do you regret?
I regret nothing in life. Plus I look great in everything lol.

Q: If you could invite any 3 people to a dinner party, which 3 would you choose?
Miriam Margoyles, Julie Walters and Jayde Adams.

Describe your life’s journey so far, in 5 words.
Doing my best being me.