Say hi to Bex, Langham Brewery’s new Retail Business Manager.

“I’m Bex – Langhams’ new Retail Business Manager – the loud, overly-familiar voice at the end of the phone, or behind the trestle table at the brewery Drive Through. Soon you will find me in the Tap Room too.

I love dressing up for special occasions (Halloween, Christmas… any excuse). I love country music and I try my best to remember everyone’s name.

In the six months I have been here at Langham’s I have learnt a great deal. To some it may seem strange to start a new career in the midst of a hospitality shut-down but, hey, I love beer! Being part of a small team has meant getting ‘stuck in’ and I have learnt so much across the whole business. My role spans from arranging Home Deliveries to project managing the new online shop (to be launched early April, all being well).

The most enjoyable part of my job is forming relationships with our customers and suppliers. I have got to know our band of loyal customers who come and see us every week at the Drive Through and they have made me feel truly welcome. I think it’s quite a simple formula – if you treat everyone as an individual you can learn about them and form lasting friendships. For me that’s a huge part of what great beer is about: who you can enjoy it with.

The highlight of my first six months at Langham Brewery is the creation of our Espresso Stout. I was so excited about being a part of the brewing process. The brew was released on my birthday; it was the best present I could ask for!

So much is happening at the brewery over the next six months. It promises to be an exciting, albeit slightly daunting (!) time… keep an eye on the brewery social media and website for updates. All I can say is many thanks and let’s have a beer some time!”

Get in touch with Bex:
01798 860861
[email protected]
Socials: @langhambrewery