​We’re very pleased to introduce you to our beautiful Langham flights.

These gorgeous, bespoke flights were lovingly handmade from Sussex oak (also known as Sussex weed) by Chris Fairclough, a local artisan and designer of bespoke woodwork. Sussex oak is Chris’ favourite wood to work with.

With our new Langham flights you can now enjoy 4 Langham brews in a single purchase.

They allow you to compare and contrast some of our different beer styles – light, dark, malty, hoppy, abvs from low to high – whatever takes your fancy!

The flights cost £6 for 4 x 1/4 pint glasses.

Our excellent flight attendant – our lovely Bex formerly worked for British Airways (!) – will be happy to guide you through your tasting experience.

If you’re a member of our ‘Gulp Club’ the usual discounts apply when purchasing via our Taproom.
5% off our draught beer and 10% off our ‘Beer of the Month’.
Obtain Langham Gulp Rewards.

For further info about Chris Fairclough, please contact the brewery.

A reminder of our Taproom opening hours:
• 10am to 5.30pm Monday to Wednesday •
• 10am to 7.30pm Thursday & Friday •
• 10am to 5pm Saturday •

Why not make a pit stop at the brewery as part of your enjoyment of the South Downs National Park?⠀