Why The Gulp?

When lock-down was declared back in March, we realised we rapidly had to alter the way we work at the brewery to survive… and you came to our rescue.

We continue to be blown away by the love, support and enthusiasm shown to us by our customers.

Yours is the best validation for all the hard work and craftsmanship we put into each of our brews. We love that we are getting to know you personally, and that you are getting to know us; that you are able to ‘meet the brewer’ and understand the passion and craft that goes into each pint of beer.

So we had an idea: “let’s gather together a group of Langham followers who share a common interest”.

But what to call the group?

When we moved into our beautiful granary barn back in 2005, swallows were congregating, getting ready to migrate, hence the use of these wonderful birds in our logo. And the collective noun for swallows is Gulp.

So welcome to The Gulp! Rather apt for a brewery, don’t you agree?

Join our Gulp Club to receive 5% off our draught beer (Home Delivery orders and Drive Through orders), special offers, priority invitations to special events, beer master classes, 10% off beer for 2 people when enjoying a brewery tour… and more.

How To Join: Complete our quick 6 question survey and let us have your name, address including postcode/What3Words (if poss please), mobile number and date of birth, so we can set up your Gulp account. It’s not compulsory to complete the survey, but we value your opinion to help us to plan where we need to steer the brewery in these uncertain times.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you on board.


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