Saulo Parreira is the head brewer at Langham’s. His award-winning beers are much-loved by all who try them (as long as they’re over 18) and his knowledge of beer and brewing processes are second-to-none.
Saulo is responsible for a wide range of technical and managerial tasks, including maintaining our brewing equipment.

Here we chat to Saulo about brewing, the importance of Peppa Pig, and his enjoyment of life.

Q: What was your route to working with Langham Brewery?
I heard from a friend that the Brewery was looking for staff, so I applied for the position back in 2009. I was Langham’s first employee, so this helped me to acquire a myriad of knowledge about all aspects of the business and the brewing trade.

Q: What does a typical day at the brewery look like for you?
Brewing beer (of course!), managing the beer stock for our weekly trade accounts and talking to customers, plus admin, sales and liaising with my bosses and colleagues about weekly jobs or future projects. Basically I’m here to do whatever needs doing… and to drink a pint at the end of the brewing day.

Q: Who do you look up to and why? This could be a brewer, a musician, an entrepreneur, your partner…
My parents, I’m very proud of them – they have achieved so much.

Q: Please tell us one thing not many people know about you.
I love singing and those who know my singing apparently love it. Lol

Q: What is your favourite holiday destination?
My hometown, Nazaré in Portugal. It’s a small town on the coast, north of Lisbon. It’s very special to me.

Q: What are the things/people you love most in your life (other than working with beer!)?
My 2 kids and my wife. Also, when I can, I love to play football.

Q: Which is your favourite Langham Brewery recipe and why?
My favourite recipe to brew is Session IPA. It’s one of our fairly new recipes and uses some of my favourite hops.

Q: Which brew are you most proud of?
The very first one I brewed on my own – it was a few years ago now!

Q: What does a typical day AWAY from work look like for you?
Spending time with my lovely family. When possible we like to go to the beach.

Q: Who is your favourite Paw Patrol character? (We know you have young children!)
The kids actually watch a lot of Peppa Pig so I have to say my favourite character is Daddy pig. He’s silly, funny, kind and rather clumsy.

Describe your life’s journey so far, in 5 words.
Exciting, learning, happiness, enjoying life.