Welcome, one and all, to our Festive Festival Of Mummers event!

Godalming Guisers – An age old tale of good versus evil, death and rebirth with the help of potions and dodgy
medical practices, rabbits and icebergs.
Prize Old Mummers – offering a traditional mummers play, with a modern twist.

plus Morris Dancing.

Charities collected for:
Each Mummers group has their own chosen charity which they support at every event. Therefore, at today’s event we’ll be collecting for:
Naomi House Children’s Hospice
Old People’s Day Centre in Farncombe

More About Mummers:
Mummers’ plays are folk plays performed by troupes of amateur actors, traditionally all male, known as mummers or guisers (also by local names such as rhymers, pace-eggers, soulers, tipteerers, wrenboys, and galoshins). Historically, mummers’ plays consisted of informal groups of costumed community members that visited from house to house on various holidays. Today the term refers especially to a play in which a number of characters are called on stage, two of whom engage in a combat, the loser being revived by a doctor character.
Taken from Wikipedia

Find out more about our Festive Festival Of Mummers event via: Seasonal Plays At Langham Brewery