November 18, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Langham Brewery
Lodsworth West Sussex

Thrilled that this ‘honky tonk doom folk’ band will bring their fun, dance-able wares to the brewery.

The Green Rock River Band are a hybrid of old time sounds that universally connects with audiences; a sound that has echoed throughout decades of music history, in music-hall, Americana, folk tradition and jazz. All this blended with a contemporary sound. Modern songwriting and original arrangements for 21st century audiences wanting to connect with a music that runs a little deeper…

A Green Rock River Band show will promise loud, brash string band music; banjos, fiddles, guitars and washboards all over-scored by melodic trombone and soaring three part harmonies. The band however has always been keen not to box themselves in as a party band. They have always focused on the craft of songwriting and strong arrangements.
Sometimes this has led them to write big ‘stamp your feet‘ anthems, at other times they emerge with striking ballads, sensitive songs that reach out to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

It’s the universal appeal of their songs that elevates them as one of the UK’s top original folk
bands. There is a refreshing grit and dirt to their songs, a sweaty energy that fills up venues with excitement and atmosphere.

“Quite extraordinary, I think they’re great” – Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2.

“The band has a very old fashioned feeling that really catches the senses” – Bob Cheevers.

“Bizarre but great, even if they were a three legged homeless dog, I’d still take them home” – Megan Lynch, 6 time USA Bluegrass Champion.

More on the band via their site here:

Support comes from Sour Kix; a young talented and hard working band made up of siblings Louis 16 (guitar), Ollie 14 (drums) and their sister Amelie 11 (vocals) along with their friend Ed 17 (bass).
The band bring an energetic mix of pop/rock to their electric and acoustic performances. They always please the crowd with their selection of well-crafted original numbers along with throwing in a selection of high octane covers which they like to put their own spin on!

More on the band: www.sourkix.com