☀ 𝓐𝓾𝓰𝓾𝓼𝓽 ☀ is almost here and our Beer Of The Month for August is our hugely popular South Downs Best.

This is a tawny-coloured classic best beer, with well-balanced malt flavours, finished with a hint of blackcurrant and a slightly spicy, sweet aroma.

We are thrilled to have rebranded our Best bitter, brewed in the South Downs National Park, to help raise money for the ​Park’s​ initiatives, like ‘Mend Our Way’ and ‘Help Nature to Renature’ and other similar projects which help to safeguard our wonderful landscape.
5 pence from every bottle of our South Downs brewed Best bitter sold ​is ​going to support the new charity for the National Park​.

Enjoy our tasting notes via our list of Core Range Langham Beers.

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Our ‘Gulpers’ receive a 10% discount during the month of August on South Downs Best in cask.
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