We supply all our customers with handy stickers for the back of our pump clips and keg lenses so that all pub staff and other customers can be fully aware of the allergens in our ale. Allergens in our bottled beers are clearly displayed on the labels.

Basic facts

Some basic facts on the most likely allergens you might find in beer…

GLUTEN is found in malted barley, wheat, rye and other cereals. In a traditional brewing process any gluten is largely broken down. All of our beers contain some Gluten.

SULPHITES None of our ales contain reportable amounts of sulphites under the regulations.

ISINGLASS is a clarifying agent used in most cask beers and in many bottle and keg beers. Whilst isinglass is derived from fish it is not considered an allergen owing to the careful cleaning process followed by the suppliers we choose. Our Saison does not use any isinglass and is suitable for vegans.

Chart of allergy and other nutritional information for all our beers

  Contains Gluten (Wheat) Contains Gluten (Barley) Contains Sulphites Contains Isinglass
Regular Ales
Halfway to Heaven Y Y N Y
Hip Hop 1 Y Y N Y
Sundowner 1 Y Y N Y
Lodsteiner 2 Y Y N N
O’Really’s Y Y N Y
Best Bitter/ Nice Try 1 Y Y N Y
Arapaho (cask) Y Y N Y
Arapaho (keg) Y Y N N
Langham Special Draft 1 Y Y N Y
Rocket Juice 2 Y Y N N
Limited Edition Ales
Flor-Ale Y Y N Y
Saison Y Y N N
Jester Y Y N Y
Godiva Y Y N Y
Autumn-Ale Y Y N Y
Triple XXX Y Y N Y
Christmas Cracker Y Y N Y
Black Swallow Y Y N Y
Aegir Y Y N Y
Decennium Y Y N Y

[1]Available in bottles. Same allergenic information applies.
[2]No finings. Vegan friendly.



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