Lions Golden Pride
Our friends at Fleet Lions are asking everyone to join Lions around the world in celebrating 100 years since the first Lions Club was formed.
And we thought “what better way to celebrate than to raise a glass with the Lions very own beer!” We called it ‘Lions Golden Pride’; you may recognise it, taste-wise, as our award-winning ‘Decennium’.

Lions clubs came to the UK just after World War Two, and there are now over over 1.3 million members in over 44,000 club’s in 200 countries.
They work selflessly together to serve local and global communities. Every penny that Lions groups raise is spent on good causes.

Golden Pride

Fleet Lions opened for business in 1974, and as well as providing help throughout the year where needed, they also share Christmas float duties with Fleet Rotary Club, organise a motorcycle rally every May Day and take part in the Fleet Food and Christmas Festivals. And the people of Fleet will not forget their marvellous fireworks display last November (their beerfest chaps were letting the fireworks off!).

They also coordinate the group that sets up road closures for the Fleet’s Carnival procession and the Remembrance Day events, as well as helping with the Fleet Half Marathon.

We are extremely proud to be involved with the Lions.